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      STOCK CODE:603396

      Jinchen manufacturing execution system (MES)

      Jinchen manufacturing execution system (MES)

      ● From Order to Complete: Immediate renflection and report so as to perform adjustment on production plan and control based on real data collection; 
      ● Comprehensive tracing and accurate control upon Whole production flow;

      ● Optimization and management on Whole productino flow so as to improve rate of return;

      JINCHEN Solar Production Line: MES Outstands
      ● Flexible production/ rework process;
      ● lntegrated controlling to make sure detailed data recording and accurate controlling by using minimum manpower; 
      ● Machine status real-time monitoring and OEE statistics;
      ● WIP real-time monitoring; Rule-based posting control;
      ● Flexible data collectlon; SPC supervision warning; High quality control;
      ● Material consumption and stock record;
      ● Operator performance evaluation;
      ● Production/ material / machine/ operator tracing;